Tuition Centres versus Private Tutors

Proper education from an early age is the most precious gift parents can give to their kids. In this competitive world, children need to rise above being average to excel in education. Singapore’s culture places a lot of emphasis on education, the reason why parents are turning to tuition centres and private tutors to boost results and excel at tricky subjects like mathematics.

Parents can get confused in deciding which the best option for their children’s effective learning is. Both private and tuition centres have their advantages and disadvantages and to understand which the better option is, we need to analyze by weighing the differences.

The Student to Teacher Ratio

The biggest difference between private and tuition centres is how many students a teacher can teach at the same time. Intuition centres, the number can be as big as 20 while a private tutor teaches only one student at a time.

A private tutor devotes all attention to one student and can tailor the curriculum for that specific student. The student with a private tutor will be more focused as there are no distractions unlike a tuition centre where there is a higher probability of distractions and time may be waste with the teacher trying to discipline the class.

Effective Learning

Whether conducted in a school setting or at home private tutoring moves away from the conventional classroom setting enabling students to actively engage in the learning material. The relaxed setting away from distractions and competition builds confidence in students allowing them to voice their opinions, make mistakes without judgment and ask for clarifications.

Tuition centres have the advantage of having students with different skill levels such that students can learn from one another. This setting may help a student who is confident and outgoing. Tutors can experiment with different teaching styles to improve the interest and focus in the class.

Customized Teaching

Since private tutoring in most case is one on one basis, teachers can customize their teaching style to suit the specific needs of that student. This is especially important because every student is different with his or her strengths and weaknesses.

Every student has their own pace of learning and processing, therefore the tutor can effectively guide the student in a systematic way that ensures effective learning to bridge any learning gaps.

Comfort and Confidence

Most of the private tutoring occurs in the comfort of the student’s home where it’s comfortable and no time is wasted with travelling. This comfortable environment eradicates unnecessary stress and pressure from peers to prove themselves. Private tutors have the advantage of learning at their own pace.

Private tutoring could be beneficial to secondary or junior college students who have extended the curriculum and have chosen their speciality. There is a strong bond between the teacher and student in the context of private learning.


Private tuitions have become one of the best ways for students to get higher grades as they get extra attention and can learn at their own pace and more support to enable them to excel in their fields.

Tuition centres enable students to interact with their peers, learn from each other, build confidence, and instil a sense of competition among students. When choosing the type of tuition for your child, take into consideration their needs and how they learn when deciding on private or tuition centres for them.