Choosing the Right Tuition Centre

Finding the right tuition centre for your kid is very crucial as it can lead to improved academic performance. A centre having more than 10 students must be registered with the Ministry of Education (MOE), which will check the academic qualifications of the tutors.

There are over 800 registered tuition centers  to choose from . That in addition to private tutors, parents are spoilt choice. There are many factors to consider before you settle on the right JC Math tuition centre.

So, how do you choose? Here are some guidelines:

Make sure it’s MOE-registered

Taking your kid to a MOE register center ensures your kid gets a quality education since the tutors are qualified. The center will have gone through the various checks by the education ministry so you can trust what they are offering. In addition, you know their business cannot be that bad since they must have at least 10 students.

Check their past performance

Do your research, read up and ask parents who have their children in the same centre. How long has the centre been in operation? How qualified are the tutors? Most centres will have a website boasting of how well their past students performed.

Tuition centres are meant to help students perform better so the instructors should know how to deal with both struggling students and the bright ones alike.

Check reviews on how these tutors teach because a bad tutor can cause more damage than good. You want teachers who are able to motivate and encourage students to learn.

Examine your child’s needs

A tuition centre has set schedules and are often quite strict about letting you make up for classes you’ve missed. Also, you have to travel to the centres and students are taught in groups.

While some students learn well in-group settings, others don’t fare so well. It’s important to access the need of your child before enrolling them.

Ask your child how they would want to do their tuition and if they would prefer private or group tutoring. If your child is prefers one to the other, it would be wise to start with one and access the progress. Remember that you can change centres if you so wish to do so.

Find one in a convenient location

Although finding the right fit for your child is a priority here, its important to find one that is not too far from where you live. For instance, a center that is too far can inconvenience both the student and the parent because a long commute takes time.

Bear in mind your child will need to go to the centre at least twice a week that could be impossible for a parent with a full time job. Consider where the center is located. Can your child commute alone or needs transport because this could be an added cost. In this case, getting a tuition centre near your home would make the commute easier


Tuition centres can get quite expensive. Do not go breaking your bank to afford a certain centre. There are many affordable centres near you that are affordable and able to give your child the best education he can get.