Top Advantages of Learning Mandarin

China is a nation with the highest population in the world. So, there are a large number of people who converse in this language. It has also led to the growth of various opportunities in the recent years. Following are some of the most important advantages of learning Mandarin.

Chinese is not as difficult a language as many people would like to believe

A common reaction that many people have when they speak about the Chinese language is that is it quite tough to learn. But, the good news is that this is absolutely incorrect. While there are languages that are easier to pick up as compared to Chinese, be assured that it is not the toughest language to learn as some people would tell you

For instance, this language does not have any gender or case. Plus, the grammar is quite simple. Thus, as far as the grammar complexity is concerned, Chinese as an extremely easy language to learn It does not have tough constructs such as genders and cases unlike many European languages. The language also uses tenses in a simplistic manner. Unlike many other languages of East Asian countries like Japanese and Korea, it is devoid of horrific grammar. Thus, when people learning other languages concentrate on genders and verb conjugation, you will soon realize that learners of the Chinese language can outpace people learning other languages very quickly.

Learning with the aid of computers has made picking up the language quite easy and simple

It was quite a tedious process to learn Chinese in the past. The reasons for that were endless lists of characters, poorly recorded learning tapes and big dictionaries for knowing Chinese in the professional field. But, fortunately for you, today the ways for learning Chinese are much more improved.

Computer-aided and digital techniques for learning have evolved in the last few years. Thus, today the learners of the language can take the help of excellent dictionary programs and great programs of character-learning programs like Anki and Memrise. Learning techniques aided by media are also highly useful for people to learn Chinese. Thus, all these user-friendly tools help in attaining the proficiency in Chinese easier and faster than before.

Handwritten characters have become less important due to digital communications

Chinese has also become a simpler language to learn due to the method in which character writing in Chinese is happening today. Thanks to the rapid advancements in technology, a host of popular methods for character input are being practiced in China now on computers and handheld devices. In fact, these methods are now the main way through which creation of Chinese texts is happening.

Knowledge of Chinese can open various opportunities for you

You should not simply learn Chinese since it is highly accessible and easy. There are many other benefits. In fact, today, Mandarin Chinese is perhaps the most suitable language to pick up if you are serious about getting a head start in your professional career.

The economy in China is booming

The prime attractiveness of the Chinese language is the country’s booming economy as well as its increasing scope as a global superpower. In the last three decades or so, China has arguably established itself as the biggest global economy from being simply a third world nation. The country has encouraged economic cooperation and foreign investment in the recent years. So, there is a big demand for all those people who can fill in the gap between the rest of the world and the growing China.

However, in order to ensure your young ones master Chinese, it is recommended that you put them in a mandarin class for children from a very young age.

Merits of Chinese Enrichment Classes

Mandarin Chinese is a widely spoken language since it is spoken in China, the most populous country of the world. Knowledge of this language can open up an ocean of opportunities today. So, there is little wonder that many people are taking interest in learning the language.

It is very important for your kids to get the exposure of enrichment programs right from the time they are toddlers. It is especially true for programs that are designed to conduct Mandarin class for children . These programs can offer long-term benefits for the grooming of your children. If you get your kid admitted in an enrichment course, which is a well-structured one and has a great curriculum, you can soon notice that their abilities and skills are enriched much beyond your expectations and imaginations. However, you should also note in this context that there is a host of enrichment programs that are available in the market for your children. So, selecting something that is in the best interest of your kid is quite crucial.

Helps in improving your child’s drama and speech skills

There are some enrichment programs that can benefit your kid in areas like drama and speech. Though there are various kinds of enrichment programs in the market today, these are some of the most utilized subjects in the lives of your children. The merits of a good enrichment program can have a positive impact on your child as they become adults.

Improves your kid’s ability to learn

In general, every enrichment program has a primary focus. The key focus is to enhance the ability of your kid to learn. If you want your kid to pick up some of the crucial facts related to social situations, they should be able to comprehend as well as understand proper speech. When you enroll your young child in a proper enrichment program, they can learn ways of initiating greetings; carry on conversations in a completely natural style. If your children master the art of proper speech, it becomes easier for them to respond to various kinds of scenarios and react appropriately to negative criticisms directed towards them. Your child must be equipped with pragmatic skills like idioms, descriptions, and sarcasm. When you expose your little one to well-structured enrichment programs, it becomes easier to address all these areas properly all through their life.

Creativity and improving imagination

Creativity, as well as imagination, is vital for kids. An enrichment program that helps kids to polish these skills will have a big impact in their entire lives. Many adults will realize that children possess a natural talent to be highly expressive with others and also with their own selves. When you do not provide them a chance to channelize their creativity, such natural skill may disappear as they grow up.

Admitting your young kid to a proper enrichment program, which promotes skills related to drama, can introduce them to a beautiful universe of emotional recognition, self-control, plays, story dramas and the potential to explore an array of talents that your young kid may not be aware they have in them.

While there are so many enrichment programs available to you, you should get your young kids engaged in something, which will benefit their abilities and skills that will be ingrained in them although their lives. You need to understand that every enrichment program does not offer this kind of an experience.

In fact, it is up to you as a parent to select a program that is in the best interest of your child. Skills in drama and speech are extremely critical since they enable your kid to express, articulate and communicate themselves in a positive and natural manner. Hence, you need to do a bit of homework before taking the final call on where you should get your child enrolled.

Why children will learn Chinese better when they are very young?




It is ironical that the same parents who want their children to learn Chinese hesitate to enroll them in a Chinese kindergarten in Singapore when they are quite young . Their argument is that children of that tender age should not be made to struggle for learning that language. They also fear that if such pressure is put on the minds of young kids, they will start hating the process of getting the education they need or going to school. But according to the unanimous opinion of experts, these fears are baseless. These experts firmly say that young children will not at all feel the pressure of learning. Not only that, it is their tender age that helps them learn Chinese better than the others who try to learn the language at a later stage. Let us find out the reasons behind their assertions.

Experts point out at the findings of the various researchers that have been carried out on brain science that reveal that it is the human mind and the human memory that influence how we all behave or learn. Almost all our behaviors do not start at the rational level but they start at the emotional level. At the same time, researchers admit that they still have trouble in comprehending that particular part of the human brain that inspires us to behave the way we behave.

In fact, our body and whatever it does are slaves to our mind. This includes the beating of our heart, circulation of blood, and even pumping of our endocrine system. But at the same time, the mind does not sit idle. It keeps sorting out, storing and reacting to the sensory inputs or data it receives. In other words, it always involves itself in a vast number of memory-processing activities. That is why we are able to identify colors, recollect memories, etc.

Researchers have found that all the sensory inputs pass through “amygdala,” a region of the human brain that helps in translating information in such a manner that they can be used for storage, for influencing our thought processes or for deciding our future behaviors.

If the sensory inputs are strong, the mind finds it easy to store them at the conscious level. When the inputs form memories, a physical alteration takes place in the patterns of brain cells and neurons. In fact, how a brain tissue physically changes its patterns can be observed through a high-quality electron microscope.

The more we exercise our neurons, the more will be the inter-connectivity between the brain cells. The dendrite network will also become more complex. When the pattern becomes more and more complex, more synapses will be taking place along the brain pathways. Experts have christened the phenomenon of such physical changes along the brain pathways as “plasticity” of the brain.

Researchers are amazed to find that if rich and vivid environments are made available, it will create more physical changes or more plasticity than when dull environments prevail. Researchers have also found that since young kids have more active brains that are capable of absorbing strong sensory inputs, the physical changes that happen along their brain pathways will also be much more than what it is in grown-up people. In fact, teaching languages including Chinese is a great way to provide the rich and vivid environments to the brains of young kids. So, they are certain to learn the language better than how they learn it at a later stage.

Teachers will do well if they teach Chinese to young kids using innovative ways. They should ensure that the teaching process involves providing rich and vivid environments to the children. This will help in making the sensory inputs that enter the brain of the kids stronger. If this strategy is adopted, teachers will be able to make the children learn Chinese more effectively and faster.